DB Rich Productions LLC

From feature films to documentaries, we want to entertain and enlighten movie watchers everywhere.

Our first comedy is called Margarine Wars, which shows how in 1967 Howard Schmear, a hippie from New York, black markets in margarine to Wisconsin residents to fix his bus in to continue his journey to San Francisco. Did you know that sale or distribution of margarine was a felony in Wisconsin in 1967.

Our first documentary is called Actor? A Documentary. Which will be the world's first full length animated documentary about what it means to be an actor.

Our first drama film Through Maria's Eyes which follows 2 courageous woman as they try to survive by hiding in plain site.

Our most recent movie just completed is The Lighthouse, a dramatic thriller starring Danny Glover.

Learn more about this exciting film by clicking the links above. As we progress through the process of making the movies we will update these links.