Through Maria's Eyes

Gizella, a poor young Jewish woman is forced to adopt a new identity to evade the SS Troops.

Our first feature film's working title is Through Maria's Eyes.

By 1944 Hitler's Third Reich Empire was crumbling, however, in Hungary the nightmare was just beginning.

That spring, SS troops enter the capital city of Budapest and the deportations begin. Gizella, a poor young Jewish woman, realizes the only way to evade them is to take on the identity of MARIA, a Hungarian Christian. She hides in plain sight from those whose mission is to bring about the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

Her family's lives, as well as her own, depend on the callous exterior that Maria must maintain in the midst of unimaginable atrocities. Only hope and determination illuminate her way during her struggle for survival.

Will Maria triumph in the face of religious segregation, executions, and chaos or will she be caught and face certain death at the hands of the Nazis?

THROUGH MARIA'S EYES is inspired by true events.

This is a story based on the life of one of the last living survivors of the Nazi occupation of Budapest.

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