In addition, we have already gotten a commitment from an accomplished actor, Ed Asner, winner of 5 Golden Globes and 7 Emmys, who wants to play a key role in our film.

A Promise Kept - Project Background

The original title was Through Marias Eyes and is currently a book, an E-book and soon to be Audio Book. It is based on a true story about real people. It is also a screenplay based on the book. The original screenplay has won numerous awards.

We’d like you to join us in our financial venture to make the first feature dramatic film on this topic. One that promises to be a gift from one generation to another... a legacy of truth, tolerance, and the power of female courage... a legacy that embraces change in how we view ourselves within a world of violence and turmoil. Donate below and make this project a reality.

the story:

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Gizella Kornfield was the daughter of a prominent Rabbi and engaged to be married to the handsome and wealthy man of her dreams. Then, her world collapsed overnight when, one day in March, 1944, her beautiful European city was invaded by the Nazis whose sole purpose was to eradicate as many Jews as possible before the war ended. Caught in the crossfire and terrified for the lives of her family, as well as herself, Gizella assumed a false Christian identity and obtained employment as a maid in the home of an anti-Semitic family. The story of how this extraordinarily courageous and resourceful woman was able to eventually save most of her family and herself through her indomitable spirit, with her quick wit and some amazing good luck. We never know what we are made of until we are tested in times of crisis, which is exactly what makes this semi-biographical story so compelling and profound. Here is a story that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit over perhaps the deadliest evil of the 20th century.


This book has been distributed world-wide and without exception, everyone who has read Through Marias Eyes/A Promise Kept has not only loved it but often said, "they couldn't put it down"! That reaction is a testament to our author and screenwriter Linda Sunshine who has written for Steven Spielberg, Bret Ratner and many more exceptional and talented people.

In preparation for this film, we have traveled to Budapest and Sofia Bulgaria to scout out appropriate locations. Recognizing the importance of music in any film, a discussion is ongoing with an academy award winning composer who is wants to score our movie.