Margarine Wars - Project Background

Margarine Wars, a new comedy inspired by insipid laws which really did exist.

Robert Loggia

the story:

It's the Summer of Love, 1967, and Howard Schmear (Ron G) has had enough of life in the Big Apple. On his way to make a fresh start for himself as a hippie in San Francisco, he crashes his VW bus on a back country road near a small, conservative town in dairy-rich Wisconsin. Penniless and desperate to get his vehicle fixed, Howard has no choice but to earn money working for the man who caused the accident, an overalls-wearing, fourth generation butter farmer named Melvin. But when Howard discovers that margarine - America's favorite new condiment - is illegal in Melvin's dairy-dependent hometown of Butterfield, and demand for the illicit substance is on the rise, he realizes he's just stumbled onto his literal and figurative cash cow - and Melvin, with his neighborly ways and butter delivery service, is the perfect unwitting accomplice!

Before long, Howard's dodging members of the town's belligerent Dairy Council, evading police checkpoints and special enforcement teams, falling for the cute reporter that's hot on his trail (Ellen Muth), and navigating his way through the town's colorful cast of characters, including Melvin's gruff Grandpa Griswold (Robert Loggia) and devoted Grandma Betty (Doris Roberts). Now it's just a matter of time before he has enough money to fix his bus and escape this backwards town - or get caught trying!

Margarine Wars, a hilarious new comedy from DB Rich Productions, is inspired by insipid laws, which really did exist. 

Dorris Roberts